Case Studies

Case Study 1: Retreatment of Root Canal

This patient was a 25 year old male who presented with pain and swelling on his lower left jaw. After an endodontic examination, tooth #19 appeared to have radiographic infection and a previous root canal treatment with an overextended filling and an un-instrumented and un-obturated canal in one of the roots.  A retreatment of the root canal was recommended.  The tooth was accessed through the existing crown, cleaned and shaped, and then filled with medicament in one visit.  Previous contaminated material was removed from his tooth and mandible at that visit.  The patient returned at the second visit pain free with resolution of the acute infection and the tooth was obturated and the access closed with a composite restoration.  He returned in six months for an evaluation symptom free and the bone surrounding the tooth appeared to be healing.


  • CS Photo 1
  • CS Photo 2

Pre-Op photos taken at the initial treatment visit 01/28/2016

  • CS Photo 3

Medication placed in the tooth to help resolve infection and control drainage

  • CS Photo 4

Photo immediately following root canal treatment taken 02/09/2016

  • CS Photo 5

Post-Operative photo taken 6 months from root canal treatment showing periapical bone healing 08/09/2016