Where to Get a Root Canal in Tulsa

This content was written for Tulsa Endodontic Associates

Tulsa root canal treatments are the specialty for the root canals specialist at Tulsa Endodontic Associates.  Amy E. Stone, DDS and Zack S. Ritter, DDS at Tulsa Endodontic Associates make it their business to be the best root canal specialists in Tulsa.  They have both completed eight years of schooling to become Tulsa’s foremost experts in root canal procedures.  Dr. Stone is has been the owner of Tulsa Endodontic Associates and does everything in her power to further it’s mission of meeting every treatment need of their referring dentists.

A root canal is a procedure designed to fix a tooth that is damaged and/or infected at the root and pulp of the tooth.  The pulp is the soft inner area of the tooth and can become infected though damage of the tooth.  In brief a root canal procedures involves creating an opening in the tooth, cleaning out the infected and damage pulp, and then putting filling in the tooth.  This is designed to save the tooth and prevent further infection and contamination.  It sound like it can be painful, but it doesn’t have to be if done right, and it is far better than the alternative which is painful and can lead to tooth loss.

Tulsa root canal treatments performed at Tulsa Endodontic Associates are crafted to ensure the patients the most comfortable root canal possible.  They have four dental assistants who are critical components of the team ensuring that the endodontists have everything they need for a fast and smooth procedure.  They also are their to ensure you, the patient, is comfortable and have everything you need to feel comfortable and cared for during your procedure.  On top of the four dental assistants on staff Tulsa Endodontic Associates also has a billing specialist to ensure no snafoos or issues with the billing for your treatment.  There office manager will ensure everything runs smoothly from the booking of your appointment to follow up on any issues that may come up along the way.

You will be in the best hands for your Tulsa root canal treatments when you go to Tulsa Endodontic Associates.  Tulsa Endodontic Associates were founded in 1984 by Dr. Denny Southard with the goal of meeting all of the treatment needs of the patients referred to the by their referring dentists.  They have done a great job achieving this goal which is shown by their longevity as a business and the continuation of their dentists referring their patients to them.  Dentists only want to refer their patients to the people they they trust can deliver.

The Tulsa root canal treatments done by the specialists at Tulsa Endodontic Associates are as painless as possible and they go the extra mile to ensure all of their patients are taken care of with the highest standard of customer care.  Dr. Amy Stone and Dr. Zach Ritter hate to see people coming in with pain, but love to see the leaving without it.  They want to take your tooth pain away so that you can get back to living a pain free life.  Visit www.rootcanalstulsa.com for more information on how Tulsa Endodontic Associates can help you.

Why Your Dentist Referred You to an Endodontist

This content was written for Tulsa Endodontic Associates

Tulsa root canal treatments are a specialty of the Endodontists at Tulsa Endodontic Associates and is one of the reasons your dentist may have referred you to an endodontist.  Endodontists are specially trained in advanced procedure and techniques in diagnoses and fixing especially difficult issues with the root, pulp, and surrounding tissues of the tooth and mouth.  Dentist are also trained in basic endodontistry, but not in the advanced cases and techniques that an endodontist is well versed in.  So if you find a referral to an endodontist in your hand from your dentists office it is very likely that you have an advanced or more difficult advanced tooth issue that may be in need of a root canal to correct it.  Root canals treatments in Tulsa is what Tulsa Endodontic Associates specialize in.

Another reason your dentist may refer you, or more likely your child, to an endodontist is because of damage to a maturing adult tooth, one that is not fully grown yet, that has sustained damage to it.  This damage will often cause the root of the tooth to cease growing.  An endodontist knows how to do a procedure called apexification.  Apexification is a procedure that stimulates bone to be deposited at the base of the tooth, the root, making it a possibility to save the tooth with a root canal treatment.  This procedure helps to save your child’s tooth from being lost and ultimately replaces with an implant.

Endodontists are also trained and skilled in replanting teeth that have been knocked out like when somebody gets punched in the mouth or hit with a hockey puck.  If something happens to your teeth and they become loose or knocked out of their sockets and endodontist will be able to put that tooth back where it belongs in an effort to save it from being lost for your team of food chomping teeth forever.  All of these dental issues sound painful, but on top of them endodontists are skilled at finding the root cause of pain when it is not obvious.  Sometimes where the pain is felt is not in fact where the pain is originating. Endodontists will hunt down the real problem, diagnose it and treat it.

The endodontists at Tulsa Endodontic Associates are well trained in performing Tulsa root canal treatments.  They are also able to handle apexification procedures, tooth replanting procedures, and pain relief missions.  They have been relieving the people of Tulsa’s dental pain since 1984 and have just continued to get better at it over the years.  You will be putting your mouth in very skilled hands when you go to Tulsa Endodontic Associates.  They make it their mission to provide you with the most up to date procedures and in the most comfortable environment possible.

Tulsa root canal treatments can often be very intimidating, especially if you have never had one before.  Tulsa Endodontic Associates wants to be make sure you feel right at home in their clinic with as little anxiety and pain as possible.  They do this with the administration and use of anesthesia, sedation, and anxiety reducing drugs.  They now how nerve racking dental procedures can be and want to make sure you comfortable during yours.  For your advanced dental care issues visit www.rootcanalstulsa.com.