An Endodontist for the Rest of Us

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Tulsa root canal treatments are performed by Tulsa endodontists.  Endodontists are specially trained dentists who diagnose and treat difficult to diagnose and treat disorders of the root, pulp, and surrounding tissues of the teeth. To be qualified to treat these more difficult dental cases they had to complete two extra years of endodontic training on top of their dental schooling. Through this special two-year endodontic training they gained the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be able to handle a more difficult caseload and more difficult dental problems relating to the root of the tooth than the average dentist who did not do the extra two years of endodontic training. This is why your dentist may refer you out to an endodontist. If this happens, it means that you have a more difficult dental issue than your dentist is comfortable handling.

It can get a little confusing because dentists are in fact trained in endodontics. However, they are not trained to the level that an endodontist has been trained in the diagnosis and procedures of endodontics.  So you can rest assured that if you are ever in need of seeing and Endodontist, you will be in very capable hands. Very similar to in most medical fields where you have your general practitioners, your specialists, and your specialists of the specialists dentistry is no different. They have their generalists which would be your dentist. The specialists which would be your endodontists. And then your specialists of the specialists which can be a wide array of types of doctors treating a variety of special situations and circumstances.

The primary procedure that endodontists provide in Tulsa is Tulsa root canal treatments. They are only called Tulsa root canal treatments because they are root canal treatments being done in Tulsa.  A root canal is a procedure that is performed on a tooth that has been infected, chipped, or is in danger of being lost or is causing pain for some reason or another. During the actual procedure, the patient is either given anesthesia or sedated to reduce and mitigate any associated pain with the procedure. Then a small opening is made in the tooth to be able to access the inside of the tooth which is called the pulp located down in the root of the two. Through that small opening, the infection and any damaged tissue are removed. A filling is then put into the tooth to prevent any further contamination or infections. In the tooth is then sealed first by a temporary material and then eventually by a permanent crown or.

Tulsa’s root canal specialists are located at Tulsa Endodontic Associates.  Tulsa endodontic Associates have been performing root canal treatments on people in the Tulsa area for over 30 years, since 1984. Their goal is to ride the best possible customer experience and outcomes of any endodontist anywhere. Furthermore, they want to ensure that they can always provide a solution for every single patient that is referred to them from their expert qualified referring dentists. They are on a mission to make the root canal procedures fun, fast, and extremely effective.

To learn more about Tulsa Endodontic Associates and their Tulsa root canal treatments you can visit or call them at 918 – 481 – 6622. You can rest assured that if you are currently experiencing any dental or oral pain the professionals at Tulsa Endodontic Associates will be able to solve your issue. A business does not stay in business for over 30 years without providing the absolute best possible experience to their patients and their referring dentists.  Dr. Amy E. Stone and Dr. Zack S. Ritter will ensure you leave their clinic better than you walked in.  For more information visit

Root Canals Can Be Fun and Liberating

This content was written for Tulsa Endodontic Associates

Tulsa’s root canal specialists perform Tulsa root canal treatments every single day, and they want to ensure that you know that root canals can be fun, yes fun, and very liberating. Does that sound crazy, wacky, suspicious, or just flat out absurd? I can assure you that they are telling the absolute truth. Allow me to explain.

If you are one of the poor unfortunate souls to have gone through Tulsa root canal treatments and not had it done by the endodontists atTulsa Endodontic Associates, I would have to agree with you that it probably was not fun, liberating, or anything even remotely close to resembling those two words. However, if you are suffering from an excruciating  tooth or oral pain, then Tulsa’s root canal specialists have a significant treat for you with their Tulsa root canal treatments. They are in fact, if you are one of these people currently suffering from an excruciating tooth or oral pain, going to make your root canal as fun as possible with all things considered an extremely liberating from the current pain that you are experiencing.

If you are unfamiliar with exactly what a root canal treatment is let me first explain that to you. A root canal treatment is needed when a person is suffering from an infected tooth, chipped or damaged tooth, or in need of saving a tooth from falling out. The actual procedure roughly goes something like this. First, the patient is either sedated or given anesthesia to reduce the pain. And this is where some of the fun can come in. You can be given nitrous oxide also known as laughing gas because it is well known that a side effect of using nitrous oxide is uncontrollable giggling. Which when would uncontrollable giggling not to be fun. With that general anesthesia and the numbing of parts of the mouth to reduce the pain fun also can ensue. For when you get done with your procedure, and you are trying to eat or drink anything you are sitting there chewing on your tongue instead of your food and watching water and drinks dribble out of your mouth because you have no control. Which can be very fun for those around you.

After the sedation and anesthesia have been taken care of comes the actual procedure. First, an opening is made through the top or crown of your tooth down to the root of the two. Through that opening, the endodontist goes to work cleaning out the infection of the two and any damaged or unhealthy pulp of the two. Once all of the unhealthy and infected parts of the Pope have been cleared out the endodontist shapes and molds the root for the filling. The filling is then poured into the tooth to prevent any further contamination or infections. The tooth is then sealed with a temporary material, until the permanent crown or Is put into place.

You can see how if you look at it correctly and get your Tulsa root canal treatments at Tulsa’s root canal specialists, Tulsa Endodontic Associates, root canals can be extremely fun and liberating for you and those you love. The next time your dentist gives you a referral for a root canal make sure that it is to Tulsa Endodontic Associates unless of course you don’t want to have the most possible fun during and after your root canal treatment. Root canals are in fact a very serious issue of either neglects or damage to your teeth. You want to ensure that you have a very skilled and knowledgeable endodontist performing the procedure or you may have to go back to have multiple root canal treatments performed. To learn more about Tulsa Endodontic Associates visit

The Top 3 Signs That You May Need a Root Canal

This content was written for Tulsa Endodontic Associates

Tulsa root canal treatments specialists at also Endodontic Associates want to ensure that you know when you may need or be in need of a root canal treatment. Dr. Amy E Stone and Dr. Zach S Ritter are the endodontic tests at Tulsa Endodontic Associates who would be performing work also root canal treatments. Also, Endodontic Associates has been in business since 1984 serving people of the Tulsa area for over 30 years. They pride themselves on providing the most up-to-date root canal treatments in Tulsa.

The first sign that you may need a root canal is a very blunt referral from your dentist to see the fine doctors at Tulsa Endodontic Associates. If your doctor is referring you to an endodontist, there are only a handful of reasons for that. The number one reason being a root canal. Another reason could be that you have some dental or oral pain that they cannot diagnose which often will be diagnosed by an endodontist which will lead to correcting the issue with a root canal procedure. Another reason that you may be referred to an endodontist is that you have a tooth that has knocked out of its socket or has been damaged in some way. And the final reason that your dentist might refer you to an endodontist is that one of your children’s maturing teeth was damaged at the root and needs a procedure known as apexification.

Apexification is a procedure that may save your child’s tooth by way of stimulating bone to be deposited at the root of the two so that a root canal can be performed to save the two. So if you look at it almost any way you shake it out if you are being referred to an endodontic clinic in Tulsa you are very likely to be in need of Tulsa root canal treatments by the doctors at Tulsa Endodontic Associates. To prevent getting this referral from your dentist, there are a few precautions that you can take preemptively.

Number one, visit your doctor for checkups and cleanings at least every six months. Number two, brush your teeth at least twice a day preferably in the morning and last thing at night before you go to bed. Number three, floss your teeth at least once per day preferably twice per day after you brush your teeth in the morning and after you brush your teeth at night. Number four, ensure that any time your teeth or at risk of being damaged, chipped, or knocked out you wear the proper protective gear. Number five, if you suspect you have any issue with your teeth whatsoever or experiencing any oral pain get in to see your dentist as soon as you possibly can.

Tulsa root canal treatments at Tulsa Endodontic Associates are as painless as possible.  Dr. Amy Stone and Dr. Zack Ritter go to great lengths to ensure they mitigate as much pain as possible during the procedure and of course after the procedure is done their goal is to relieve your pain completely. Not only do they relieve your pain completely but they actually fix your tooth and any other surrounding issues. So if your doctor gives you a referral to an endodontist you are very likely going to be in need of a root canal procedure. The best in the business at performing root canal procedures in Tulsa are the endodontists at Tulsa Endodontic Associates.