This content was written for Tulsa Endondontic Associates

The root canals Tulsa specialists at Tulsa Endodontic Associates Amy E Stone, DDS, and Zach S Ritter, DDS will ensure that your root canal is as painless as possible. Tulsa Endodontic associates have been in business since 1984. They have been able to stay in business for so many years because people always need dental care and secondly because they always provide exemplary dental care to their patients. If you are having tooth pain and your dentist referred you to an endodontist, there is nobody better to go to then the experts at Tulsa Endodontic Associates. You want to make sure that you get your tooth pain remedied as rapidly as possible, so that doesn’t turn into something worse. You can call Tulsa Endodontic Associates at 918-481-6622.

So how did Amy E Stone and Zach S Ritter become the root canal Tulsa specialists? The short and simple answer is they went through a lot of schooling. The slightly longer answer is they attended a four-year undergraduate university to get their undergraduate degree. Then they went off to dental school and finally culminated their dental training in an endodontic specialist program. All of these years of schooling to assure that they can take care of your teeth and get you out of your tooth pain.

You may be asking can’t my dentist do root canals? Again, I will give you a short, simple answer and a longer answer. The short answer is yes your dentist is trained in endodontics and can perform root canals. However when you have a more difficult case you want the root canals Tulsa experts at Tulsa Endodontic Associates. Endodontic’s have several years more training in performing root canals and more difficult procedures of the tooth, root canal and surrounding tissues than dentists.

You may be wondering what exactly is a root canal. And that is a fair thing to be wondering as many people don’t actually know the procedure of a root canal. A root canal in just five steps goes something like this. Step one numb the area surrounding the infected tooth. Step number two create a small opening through the crown of the tooth into the root of the two. Step number three clean out any damaged pulp and infection. Step number four fill the tooth with a permanent material. Step number five place a crown on top.

Often times if a patient allows their infection to go too long untreated the root canal procedure needs to be passed from the dentist to a person specially trained in endodontics. Just like the root canals Tulsa specialists at Tulsa Endodontic Associates. The endodontists will ensure your root canal procedure goes as smoothly and as painlessly as it possibly can. There is nothing worse than having a painful tooth that requires a root canal and having a root canal be excruciatingly painful only to have to come back for another one because it didn’t quite work. Now, unfortunately, no matter how skilled the person doing the procedure is, sometimes a root canal needs to be redone no matter what.

Root Canal Specialists Tulsa

This content was written for Tulsa Endondontic Associates

If you are experiencing extreme tooth pain, you may want to get in to see in endodontist as soon as possible. One of the top root canals Tulsa specialist clinics that you can call is Tulsa Endodontic Associates. Their phone number is 918-481-6622. The other option is to head straight to your dentist. If your dentist takes a look at it and thinks it’s bad enough he will refer you to Tulsa Endodontic Associates. No matter how you cut it if you are having tooth pain don’t try to grin and bear it just go in and get it looked at.

If you are unfamiliar with what a root canal procedure is let me briefly explain. It is done to clean out and disinfect an infected tooth. The endodontist does this by numbing the area around the infected tooth. Punching a small opening through the top of the infected tooth down into the root of the tooth. Reaching in through the opening and cleaning out any damaged pulp and infection. After cleaning the tooth out, they will then fill it with a permanent filling material. And finally, they will put a crown on top of the tooth to seal it off.

This is a fairly straightforward procedure most of the time. However, there are some cases that are far from simple. That is where the endodontist can shine. An endodontist has 2 to 3 years of extra training on top of their dental training. This extra training is dedicated to learning how to handle the more difficult cases of the tooth, pulp, and surrounding tissues. So if you are sitting in the chair of the root canals Tulsa specialists at Tulsa Endodontic Associates you can rest assured you are in very skilled and knowledgeable hands.

The endodontists at Tulsa Endodontic Associates want to ensure that every single one of their patients leaves their office with healthy teeth and if possible less pain than when they walked in. They are a customer oriented clinic and want to ensure that they provide the best service to their patients. They make sure that they have ample staff on hand to handle any billing situations and to actually assist with any of the root canal procedures. It is important for them to have enough support on hand that they can only deal with the things that they are extremely good at and that is performing procedures to fix people’s teeth. With them only focusing on that and the rest their staff focusing on the other areas of running a dental practice they are able to do the best job possible for their patients.

So if your dentist refers you to Tulsa Endodontic Associates rest assured that you’re in extremely capable hands. The endodontic’s at Tulsa Endodontic Associates will have your tooth fixed up good as new before you know it. The root canals Tulsa specialists are dedicated to ridding you of your tooth pain in aS short a time as possible. If you want to contact Tulsa Endodontic Associates directly, call them and 918-481-6622 or visit their website at