3 Top Ways to Find Yourself Sitting in and Endodontist Chair

This content was written for Tulsa Endodontic Associates

Root canals treatments in Tulsa is one major reason somebody may find themselves sitting in a dental chair at Tulsa Endodontic Associates.  Amy E. Stone, DDS and Zack S. Ritter, DDS have the distinct privilege of being Tulsa’s root canal specialists.  Tulsa Dental Associates has brought pain relief to thousands of patients for over the past thirty years.  Dr. Denny Southard established Tulsa Endodontic Associates in 1984 with the mission to bring meet the treatment needs of their top level referring dentists who entrust their patients’ to them.  Furthermore, they always work to maintain the highest standard of professional care ensuring a comfortable, friendly, and even family-like atmosphere.

Even though root canals treatments in Tulsa is probably the biggest reason somebody would go see Dr. Amy Stone and Dr. Ritter at Tulsa Endodontic Associates they may also see them for other dental issues as well.  Enodontics are experts in diagnoses and treating advanced or difficult issues related to the pulp, root, and surrounding tissues of the teeth.  They have completed two to three years of additional training after dental school to be able to handle some of the more difficult dental cases.  The meaning of “end” means inside and “odont” means tooth.  Thus, endodontic means the inside of the tooth, which is what the endodontists are trained and skilled to maintain through the use of endodontic therapies.

Now, to be just a little more confusing for you in an effort to clear things up so you know exactly why you may need to see an endodontist, all dentists are in fact trained in the diagnosing and performing the therapies of endodontics.  So, why then is there such a thing as an endodontist and why would you need to see them.  As mentioned previously, endodontists complete an extra two to three years of training in diagnosing and treating especially difficult to diagnose and treat tooth issues.  When a dentist cannot, or does not feel comfortable, diagnosing or treating a tooth issue, they will most often refer their patients to a trusted endodontist to handle the case to ensure the patient gets the proper treatment done by a skilled specialist.

So, endodontists are first and foremost dentist.  They are the overachievers of the bunch because they decided they wanted to spend additional time after dental school learning more advanced techniques for especially difficult to diagnose and treat tooth issues.  They are especially qualified to diagnose and treat tooth and oral pain even the pain that is difficult to determine where it is coming from.  Sometimes pain doesn’t always hurt where the actual damage is, because of the vast network of nerves in the mouth, the pain is often felt somewhere other than at the damaged area.  Endodontsts also will diagnose and treat traumatic injuries to the mouth and teeth that involve pulp damage.

One of these procedure is called apexification.  Apexification is necessary when a child’s maturing adult tooth is damaged causing the root of the tooth to stop growing.  Apexification stimulates the deposition of bone at the end of the root of the damaged to making it possible to save the tooth with a root canals treatments in Tulsa.  Lastly, endodontists are also trained in the procedures of putting teach back in that have been knocked out. OUCH!  If you find yourself in any of these situations your your best option is to look up Tulsa’s endodontic specialists, especially for root canals treatments in Tulsa, at www.rootcanalstulsa.com.

Tulsa Teeth Fairies?

This content was written for Tulsa Endodontic Associates

As we get older we learn that the tooth fairy is just a made of myth to ease children’s suffering for the teeth maturing process.  However, what if I told you there is an adult tooth fairy that performs root canals treatments in Tulsa?  This one does the opposite of the childhood tooth fairy.  This one takes your pain away and you give them money.  Hey, that’s what happens when we become adults right, we find out everything costs money.

This tooth fairy who performs miracles by doing root canals treatments in Tulsa is none other than the endodontist Amy R. Stone, DDS and Zack S. Ritter, DDS of Tulsa Endodontic Associates conveniently located in the Kelly Building at 6565 South Yale Avenue, Suite 712, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136.  You don’t even have to wait to go to sleep for this tooth fairy to do their magic, although some of you may want to be sedated for it.  They do provide the drugs for those of you who would rather not experience the pain of the magical root canal procedure that will fix your tooth and relieve you of your pain.  The endodontists at Tulsa Endodontics are Tulsa’s root canal specialists.  Therefore, they are experts at taking away the pain of your infected and damaged teeth.

The root canals treatments in Tulsa performed by Tulsa Endodontic Associates are typically done after the patient has been treated with some form of pain killer.  This ensure little or no discomfort is experienced during the root canal procedure.  Dr. Amy Stone and Dr. Zack Ritter utilize routine dental anesthetics or Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas for the reduction of patient pain during the procedure.  For those who are a bit squeamish, anxious, fearful, scared, stressed, wigged out, or any other word used to describe not being overly excited about the procedure about to take place they can provide liquid oral Valium or Halcion tablets to cool out the ol’ nerves.  They want to ensure every patient has the best possible experience when going through something that is really not any fun at all.

If you are really, REALLY, not a fan of dental procedures you can asked to be sedated for your root canals treatments at Tulsa Endodontic Associates.  The sedation protocol requires you arrive thirty minutes before the scheduled start of your appointment to ensure they are able to get you properly sedated and stay on schedule.  You are not to eat or drink anything six hours prior to your scheduled appointment.  You will need to arrange for somebody to drop you off and pick you up, as you will be out of safe driving commission.  Lastly, you need to make sure you let the clinic know you want to be sedated so they can properly prepare.

Root canals treatments in Tulsa at Tulsa Endodontic Associates is the adult version of the tooth fairy.  They are taking your pain away in exchange for some well deserved money under the pillow.  You think it’s hard not waking children up for a little exchange in the middle of the night, just try performing a root canal procedure!  This is where Tulsa’s root canals specialists shine.  If you are need of a root canal you will be in great hands with Dr. Amy Stone and Zack Ritter, head over to www.rootcanalstulsa.com now to learn more about your tooth fairies.